Total guess: You need help with a video project?

Good! You’re in the right place! At Storyfarm, we love helping brands of all shapes and sizes tell their stories. We can do it all.

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We Strategize

What problems will this video solve?

Your success is our success - and it starts with a well-executed video strategy. Our Creative Director will learn about your brand's story and come up with new, exciting ways to tell it.

Storyfarm will be there with you every step of the way.

We storyboard, film, edit, animate, deliver, distribute and analyze.

And once we’re done, we start the process again! Because data-driven video strategy is a loop, each time around proving more effective.

We Film

This part involves a lot of joy. We love the craft of telling stories through video. It’s our passion. It excites us to the core.

Once the strategy is finalized, our Production Director and in-house crew get to work on the logistics - scheduling, scouting, obtaining permits, securing talent, and providing creative solutions for any potential roadblocks.

We Edit

The edit room is where the true magic happens. Here we piece together your brand’s story.

We use Adobe Premiere, the industry gold standard, for video editing. Mac Pros and Cintiqs are our weapons of choice. Our office is an editing laboratory; all of us constantly pushing each other to solve problems in new ways.

And because we have full-time, in-house editors - we have the ability to rock out your project quickly and efficiently.

We Animate

With a combined 17 years of design and animation experience, our full-time, in-house Design Den is a force to be reckoned with!

Our motion designers create 2D/3D product and character animation, as well as Infographic, Traditional, Stop-Motion and Hand Drawn animations.

They are constantly collaborating and experimenting with different mixed-media styles (though we do let them out occasionally to eat and use the bathroom.)

We Distribute

Now that your project is complete, it needs to be seen. You need a video distribution strategy.

That’s where our Audience Engagement Director comes in.

Whether it’s Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or other digital channels, we’ll tailor and execute a plan specific to your business objectives.

We stay on top of the hottest digital trends so you don’t have to.

We Analyze

Our Audience Engagement Director will analyze the impact and reach of your video, making the necessary optimizations to ensure we meet your business goals.

Storyfarm will help quantify any attributional lift to your business and provide detailed reporting to show all stakeholders the success of your video.

This is the end of the loop.

But it’s really just the beginning!

Because we know a successful campaign leads to new strategy and new production.