Struggling to make video content for your brand?

Want to avoid unknowingly making mistakes?

We’re the experts you need and we’re here to help. We’re equipping CMOs and brand managers with the tools and knowledge to maximize video ROI. Let’s turn your short-term video problems into long-term solutions.

Video Pros,
Company size
4 - 12 weeks
Starting at $10k

Who we are

Brands have sought after Storyfarm for 15 years to create award-winning, needle-moving, emotion-stirring videos. But we’ve been order takers. Now, those days are over. We’re experts, and your brand needs our ideas and experience.

Most brands, due to timing, budget constraints, lack of planning, and most importantly, knowledge gaps, are not executing their video marketing anywhere optimally. Storyfarm Consulting solves your video problems strategically, now and for the future.

Problems we solve

Your marketing team doesn’t objectively know how effective your videos are.
Your marketing team doesn’t know how well your competitors are doing with video.
Your brand video output is sporadic, unplanned, irregular, reactive not proactive.
Your video budgeting is a mystery, organization doesn’t understand video levels, costs.
Your internal resources are not good enough, outside vendors are too expensive.
Your internal resources are good people who need professional development.
Your video success tracking is vague, not data-driven, success metrics are not preset.
Your leadership doesn’t understand video, the processes, costs or potential impact.
Your recruiting team doesn’t know how to evaluate video professionals technically.
Your marketing team needs on-going help integrating AI to create efficiencies.

Let's create a framework for you to excel at video content creation

Imagine a future where video isn’t a problem, it’s your  sweet-spot.

You create video content regularly, predictably, within budget
You track results and form data driven success narratives
You blend internal and external video resources optimally
Your leadership greatly values your video output
What value could you assign to this change to your organization?

Together we will

  • Transform your video marketing output.
  • Define your approach to video content creation.
  • Create a multi-year video marketing strategy.
  • Engage leadership to create realistic investment in video teams and efforts.
  • Enable more effective partnerships with external vendors at different levels of budget, quality and speed.
  • Build high performance internal video teams.
  • Hire the best available talent for video jobs.
  • Train and develop your video talent.

Available deliverables

Project Assessment Report
Does your request make sense to us? Can we add value?
Internal Audit Report
How are we doing as a brand making video?
Competitor Audit Report
How are our top competitors doing as a brand making video?
New Hire Assessments
Send us your final candidates, we’ll interview, tech check, report.
Professional Development
In-person and/or remote, for all levels, video pros to C-suite.
In-House Video
In-house video department construction, maintenance, staffing.
Brand Video Library
Construction and maintenance of bespoke stock library.
AI Integration Partnership
Work with us over time as AI changes the video world.